Cinema is my life !

Luca Coassin was born in Udine, (Friuli) in 1967 and grew up in Budoia, a beautiful small town of 900 inhabitants, located near the mountain areas in the North-Eastern part of Italy.
Surrounded only by the countryside and the paintings of his father, Luca started being a painter since he was a child and a photographer even before he learnt to write his name, so that the world of images turned out to be his job. After getting his high school diploma with a major in science, he moved to Milan to study still life and fashion photography, and then secured a scholarship in Rome at the National film school. As a very lucky student , at the age of 20 he benefitted from training under the leadership of master Giuseppe Rotunno (AIC – ASC ) for 2 years. Always being present on movie sets, and being totally addicted to the shooting of movies, Coassin always had an eye behind the camera. He is the cinematographer of about 30 feature films and 30 documentaries and more than one hundred short films, many of which were selected and won awards at many European and international film festivals.

Among other rewards, Luca got in 2008 the award for the best cinematography at the Dubai film festival for the movie “CASANEGRA”, a multi-awarded film which represents a milestone for the Moroccan movie industry, but not only for that country. Since that date, he has been sharing his work also with international crews, from a fashion shooting in France to a feature film in Morocco, from a documentary in Ethiopia to a movie in Azerbaijan. Luca is also a Steadicam operator: in the last edition of the Manaki brothers film festival in 2016, Coassin won the Small Camera 300 for the cinematography of “Le Park”, an experimental – short film entirely shot on Steadicam.